Saint Joseph Society

President's Message:

The Saint Joseph Society was incorporated on December 7, 1915 by Italian (Sicilian) Immigrants. These men wanted a place of worship in Lodi in honor of Saint Joseph. This is how our Society was founded and these men built the first Saint Joseph Church. In the early years of our Society there was close to 100 members. The founding fathers brought with them many traditions from the old country to the United States. They started the Saint Joseph Table held in March and the Saint Joseph Feast held Labor Day Weekend just to name a few. These men and their families didn't have much with them when they left their home country. However, the one thing they had was faith and determination to have a place of worship where they could honor their Patron Saint Joseph. We are grateful for all that these men did! They are with Saint Joseph, Mary, and our savior Jesus Christ in Heaven watching over us!!

I have been involved in the Society since the young age of 5. Thanks to my Parents for bringing me around to the Feast and Procession every year so I could learn to understand the traditions. My Dad has been a member of the Society for over 40+ years now.

I am honored to be President and have been for over 8 years now. Previously I was the recording Secretary for many years. I am strong believer in keeping traditions alive in addition to starting new ones. Today our Society consist of 30+ members. We continue to grow every year and especially with younger members so we can continue this Society into the future for many years to come. I invite all men ages 18 and older to join our Society. Our meetings are held usually the first Monday of every month in the Saint Joseph Meeting Room/Hall located downstairs in the Rectory. Come be a part of our family. Saint Joseph Pray for us. VIVA SAN GIUSEPPE!!

On a side note, that is my son Joseph Anthony who I am holding...future President of the Society :) !

Respectfully Yours,
Antonino Pollaro